One AI solution for all your data needs

Stuck on how to approach AI? Overwhelmed by all your fragmented data and spreadsheet chaos? Talonic is designed to begin your AI transformation today. Learn about our features.


How Talonic works

Transform data into insights, instantly.

Upload of data to Talonic AI with integrations
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Import data

Import your Excel sheets, CSVs or integrate your IT systems with Talonic. Our AI manages your data and brings it all together for you.

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Simply tell our AI what you want to work on. Talonic generates your spreadsheets and insights for you. If you need more, simply tell our AI.

Gain insights from Talonic AI and visulizae your data with graphs
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Gain insights

With every spreadsheet, you will also get AI data analytics. Our analytics suggestions further help you to identify what matters in all your data.

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AI Data management and analytics

One platform for AI data management and analytics

Understanding business data is essential in making informed-decisions. However, this is often repetitive and time-consuming.

Our AI takes this off your hands by managing data across your sources, generating spreadsheets and running the analytics. Easier than asking your colleague to do it.

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Spreadsheet generation

Prompt what data you want and our AI will collect it and build a spreadsheet exactly as you need it.

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Data analytics

Skip the manual formulas and tell our AI what you need to know. Talonic does the work and provides the answers.

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Easier than no-code

We believe that working with data should not require a computer science degree. We cater to everyone.

Automate your workflows

Time savings, instantly.

Everyone on your team spends over 20 hours a month on spreadsheet production and maintenance. Building data sets from numerous sources is among the top tasks. Automate all of that and free your time for what matters: high value creation.

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Automated AI Data Collection

Talonic understands which data you need to work on and gets it from those sources.

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AI Data Enrichment

If your data is lacking, Talonic AI will try to statistically iterate missing values or find them online.

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Advanced charts

Visualizations put data into context and make insights more readable. Our AI provides them to your requirements.


Native integrations with all your favorite tools

Talonic AI automatically collects data from all your sources, providing you with full visibility across your data stack

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Seamless integration
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AI data collection
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Auto data sync
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Full visibility
Logos of different IT tools like Google Analytics, Excel or Meta Ads circling around the logo of Talonic, indicating the AI data collection from all these sources for AI data management and AI analytics
Integrating marketing data sources with spreadsheets

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