Without the need to code. It's all here.

Great spreadsheets are the only thing you need to excel at your job.

AI automation across and beyond spreadsheets. Filling your spreadsheets with data and getting rich analytics is always a simple chat message away. Stop spending hours for manual copy and pasting data into Excel.

How the magic works

Step 1

Input data

Throw in a your Excel sheets, CSVs or connect Talonic with your IT systems -- our AI understands and labels your data so we have it always ready for you.

Step 2

Generate table

You tell our AI what you want to work on and we generate spreadsheets with your data exactly the way you need them. Ready for Excel exports and more.

Step 3

Build systems

Based on all your input data and generated tables, use our drag-and-drop system to build workflow automations, reporting and data analytics.
One spreadsheet for all your data consolidation.

Connect all of your tools to one place

Businesses uniquely arrange systems and processes, so off-the-shelf solutions naturally cannot cater to everyone. Our Integration Service helps you to unite data from all systems in one place only.
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No coding required.

Workflow automation across and beyond spreadsheets.

When our AI generates your spreadsheets for the first time, you just can't go back. Free your time to increase your impact by a magnitude.

Powerful AI Data Analytics

With each spreadsheet, you will receive insights from out-of-the-box AI Data Analytics.

Get instant spreadsheets

Skip the manual data collection and consolidation into Excel and let our generative AI handle the job.

Automate your workflows

Schedule reports, alerts based on monitored data and install routine analytics. Without the need to code.

Leveraging your assets right

You already have the data and just need to start putting it to work. We make it as easy for you as it possibly can be.
Step up your spreadsheet game.

Get more from your done Excel work

Excel is a great no-code tool for collecting, analyzing and managing data from a wide range of sources, but let's face it -- it's time-consuming and your precious insights get lost the moment you start a new spreadsheet.

That's where we come in. Talonic helps you to automate routine tasks and consolidate your data from multiple sources, including your done work. Simply tell our AI what you need and instantly get a more comprehensive view of your business.